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CommuniGate SPEC 8.0.3 Released - News / Product Updates - MailSPEC

Apr 20 2022

CommuniGate SPEC 8.0.3 Released

Authors list

Product: CommuniGate SPEC 8.0.3

Release Date: 18 April 2022


In this release:

  • WebAdmin Security includes 2FA with the mobile application ActiveAuth on iOS / Android
  • SMIME: rc4 algorithm upgraded with AES-256-gcm encryption can use a 4096 char passphrase
  • Removed all deprecated Crypto protocols and enforced high level of security server wide
  • Turn off all uncommon services and ports (harden server as default)
  • hPronto- has been renamed to Pronto

Please Note: Not all platforms will be available immediately, but should be available shortly after the initial release.

Please Note: Version 8.0.x of CommuniGate SPEC will require updated license keys. If you have any questions regarding the status of your subscription/license, or you would like to request keys, please open a sales ticket here.