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Dec 16 2021

Message Stream - Service Disabled

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SECURITY BULLETIN: Earlier this week the '' server/service (i.e. Message Stream) became inaccessible, both to our internal staff and customers. 

Unfortunately all efforts to regain access have been unsuccessful, and restoration may not be possible. This system is at an upstream provider, and the management portal was compromised by an individual  with the access credentials which impacted all hosted systems (CommuniGate included). 

Fortunately, for now, the email flow continues, and we are preparing new server systems outside of that provider which should be available soon. 

At this time we recommend that anyone utilizing Message Stream update their MX records to point directly to their CommuniGate Pro server(s) in order to ensure that messages addressed to their domain(s) are delivered successfully.

For a recap of what was done initially to set up Message Stream for your domain(s), please refer to the following article:

As an alternative to Message Stream for those running on Linux, we do offer a Kaspersky plugin that installs directly on the CommuniGate Pro server. Further details can be found here:

For those running on other platforms, we're currently investigating alternative solutions.

We are working diligently to find another provider with better security and reliability in the platform hosting.

We both understand and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Both technical and subscription/licensing questions can be raised here (just select the appropriate department: Technical Support or Sales/Licensing) if needed.