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Feb 9 2022

We are now MailSPEC Cybersecurity!

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The same reliable software, with new products and services for regulated industries. MailSPEC will continue to provide Critical Communications software based on CommuniGate Pro. The company will expand the products portfolio to include:

  • EasyCrypt - A reliable, secure and simple to use Email Encryption
  • ActiveAuth - Provides biometrics security for our products and 3rd parties too!
  • Réunion - The ultimate critical communications client for Windows and mobile.
  • Message Stream - Delivers email security in a private cloud, with availability in the USA, Europe, and Japan. Robust features include anti-abuse engines for Spam, Virus, and Phishing attacks, with support for any SMTP based messaging platform.

MailSPEC is now providing Cybersecurity services for critical communication systems. Our offerings are tailored to the needs of the organization, no matter the security clearance or regulatory demand. Our service offerings include:

  • Managed services for monitoring, upgrades, and administration.
  • Professional services to include infrastructure scoping and customer software.
  • Support services with dedicated service tiers and multi-language engineers.