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CommuniGate Pro 6.2.15 Released - News / Product Updates - MailSPEC

Jan 30 2020

CommuniGate Pro 6.2.15 Released

Authors list

Minor/Bug Fix Release

Product: CommuniGate Pro 6.2.15

Release Date: 12/20/2019


Complete Release History:

In this release:

  • Pronto: Pronto! HTML Version 6.2.15 is included.

  • MAPI: the MAPI Connector version is included.

  • Bug Fix: ACCOUNT: 6.2c4: workaround for LDAP password backend that allows empty authentication.

  • Bug Fix: QUEUE: 6.2.13: message revocation could fail in some use cases.

  • Bug Fix: ACCOUNT: 6.2.4: retrieving list of identities in cluster configurations might cause a crash.

  • Bug Fix: ACCOUNT: 6.2.6: individual folder rights could not be revoked from delegates.

  • Bug Fix: XIMSS: trailers were not added to messages with HTML and with attachments.

  • Bug Fix: WEBADMIN: UTF-8 and space symbols were not allowed in account service class setting.

  • Bug Fix: WEBUSER: 6.2.6: HTML parts in ISO-2022-* encodings might be rendered empty in the "inFrame" mode.

  • Bug Fix: CALDAV: it might be not possible to modify all-day event into time-based.

  • Bug Fix: XIMSS: calendar items sent as attachments might be not processed correctly.

  • Bug Fix: PBX: 6.1c1: hold music might be missing for some call scenarios.

  • Bug Fix: HTTP: incorrect requests to bundled manual pages might crash server.

  • Bug Fix: AIRSYNC: 6.2.5: updates to event attendees in exceptions might be not delivered.

  • Bug Fix: AIRSYNC: 6.2.5: forwarded calendar invitations might be not delivered.

  • Bug Fix: NETWORK: the IPv6 loopback interface address was not inserted into the list of local IP addresses.

  • Bug Fix: DIRECTORY: some account setting might cause errors while synchronizing account data to the Directory.

  • Bug Fix: ACCOUNT: 6.2c1: possible crash with Application passwords used with DAV protocols.

  • Bug Fix: ACCOUNT: 6.2c1: Application passwords set via WebUser/WebAdmin were stored without encryption.