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CommuniGate Pro 7.1.5 Released - News / Product Updates - MailSPEC

Jul 17 2023

CommuniGate Pro 7.1.5 Released

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Product: CommuniGate Pro 7.1.5

Release Date: 17 Jul 2023


In this release:

  • General: Updated EULA (End User License Agreement)

  • General: SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) is now supported

  • RPOP: OAuth now supported

  • SMTP: SMTP session now halts immediately if message size exceeds receving size limit

  • HTTPA: 2FA (ActiveAuth) can now be enabled/disabled via the web admin interface (User Preferences)

  • Pronto! 2: Cosmetic issue with adding attachments

  • Bug Fix: New license keys may not be read properly

  • Bug Fix: Open TCP connection to IP assigned to domain will no longer prevent domain removal (i.e. "Domain is in use" error)

  • Bug Fix: Windows startup parameters set via the services panel are now working

  • Bug Fix: Startup parameters (/var/CommuniGate/ were not working properly on FreeBSD

  • Bug Fix: Startup parameters (/var/CommuniGate/ were not working properly on Linux (.deb)

  • Bug Fix: Could not add an external filter via the Sparkle web admin interface skin

  • Bug Fix: Cosmetic issue with external filter 'Add' button in Sparkle web admin interface skin

  • Bug Fix: During installation for Linux (.rpm), the service would not start properly

  • Bug Fix: CGP version was not displayed properly for Windows deployments

  • Bug Fix: Mailing list headers and footers were not consistent based on message format (text v html)

Please Note: Version 7.1.x of CommuniGate Pro requires updated license keys. If you have any questions regarding the status of your subscription/license, or you would like to request keys, please open a sales ticket here.

Please Note: SRS is enabled by default in version 7.1.5. We strongly encourage you to test this functionality in a non-production environment prior to upgrading your server. If you have any questions, please open a support ticket here prior to upgrading.

Please Note: If you’re using startup parameters (and/or have historically used the file), we strongly encourage you to review this knowledgebase article.

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