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Feb 5 2021

Kaspersky Bug - AV Updates

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Product: Kaspersky Plugin (Combined AV/AS)

Versions Impacted: All

We have identified a bug in all releases of the combined (AV/AS) Kaspersky plugin (available for download here) that may prevent the KAV (Kaspersky Anti-Virus) database (DB) from automatically updating.

To ensure that your KAV DB is being updated regularly, you can add the following command to the root crontab on your CGP server to "manually" update the database at your desired frequency:

/var/CommuniGate/Kaspersky/KAV/updater/bin/ --keypath /var/CommuniGate/Kaspersky/KAV/updater/lic --xmlfile /var/CommuniGate/Kaspersky/KAV/updater/etc/settings.xml --simplelic --download

The update process being run in this way should not impact the availability of the plugin to continue to scan mail normally as a CGP helper application.

In addition, to ensure the KAV DB is being updated, you can run the following command which will report the date when the KAV DB was last updated:

/var/CommuniGate/Kaspersky/KAV/updater/bin/ --keypath /var/CommuniGate/Kaspersky/KAV/updater/lic --xmlfile /var/CommuniGate/Kaspersky/KAV/updater/etc/settings.xml --simplelic --basesdate

Our development team is working to address this in a future release, which we’ll announce here as soon as it’s available.

If you have any questions/concerns, please raise a support ticket here.

Thank you.