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Security Bulletin - CommuniGate Pro Versions Prior to 7.0.3 - News / Product Updates - MailSPEC

Jun 30 2021

Security Bulletin - CommuniGate Pro Versions Prior to 7.0.3

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Versions Affected: All CommuniGate Pro releases prior to version 7.0.3

Abstract: As part of our ongoing source code reviews with the ANSSI organization, we are providing notice for all CommuniGate Pro administrators. Several security improvements have been made in release version 7.0.3 and all prior versions should be upgraded.

Briefing: Most of the changes and supplemental techniques included in the 7.0.3 release of CommuniGate Pro were introduced to improve security in the product (see Abstract above). Most of the “theoretical” vulnerabilities required that the attacker have unique knowledge of the server, and in many cases, direct access. However, to ensure your server is protected, we are strongly recommending that all CommuniGate Pro servers be upgraded to 7.0.3 at this time.

Recommended Actions: Upgrade CommuniGate Pro to version 7.0.3 or higher


CGP 7.0.3 Release Notes:


Upgrading CommuniGate Pro:

If you need guidance or have questions related to the upgrade process, please open a support ticket at (registration required).